What is the preparatory college

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The preparatory college is aimed at international applicants whose secondary school certificate (and, if applicable, university entrance examination) from their home country is only partially comparable with the German higher education entrance qualification. Before these applicants can start studying at a German university, they must successfully pass the so-called "Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)" (short for: Examination to determine the suitability of foreign applicants for studying at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany) . Applicants prepare for this assessment test both linguistically and technically during a one-year course at the preparatory college.

The preparatory college is located in Dresden at Lingnerallee 3, 01069. Studienkolleg in Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 4845 3740

Email: studienkolleg@unipark-institut.de

Only those students can be admitted to the preparatory college if they can be proven in an entrance examination (placement test). Applicants can register directly for the preparatory college. Anyone planning to study at a German university in the future should therefore send their application to the preparatory college in Dresden within the deadlines. After examining the documents, it will decide on a possible invitation to the preparatory college.

Unlike the university, the preparatory college still has a school character. You learn in a fixed class group and have to be present. The weekly workload is usually 32 hours. The one-year preparatory course consists of 2 semesters and lasts ten months and prepares for the assessment test of the T, M, W courses: T courses (preparatory college) for all mathematical, scientific and technical subjects, M courses (preparatory college) for medicine, pharmacy, biology and related subjects, W courses (preparatory college) for all economic and social science subjects and

With prior approval, you can also prepare for the assessment test in self-study. Almost all universities, however, only allow direct candidates to take this exam if they have received prior advice from the preparatory college or if they have intensively (private) preparation for the exam.

Please also note that the subject connection from a secondary school certificate acquired in your home country cannot be canceled or expanded by attending a course in a foreign subject at the preparatory college. So if your certificate shows a scientific focus, for example, you can only attend courses in this direction at the preparatory college.

Some preparatory colleges offer an "external assessment test" without attending the preparatory college. Different deadlines and requirements may apply for this than for the application for the preparatory college.

Applicants cannot choose whether they want to attend the preparatory college, instead it depends on their university entrance qualification:

Applicants whose foreign certificates already meet the standard of the
correspond to German Abitur, you cannot go to the preparatory college.
In some cases, however, applicants who are only allowed to study subjects from a certain subject can complete a preparatory college course in order to expand their subject area: Then they are then also allowed to study subjects from another subject.
Applicants who do not have a university entrance qualification in Germany are also not allowed to attend the preparatory college. You must first qualify for access to the preparatory college in your home country.